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Egon and air filtration

As Bob Dylan once sang: ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’. And filtration in cars has also changed a great deal, both in terms of technology and the way it is presented. Marcel Hofmeister, ‘part-time museum director’ at the MANN+HUMMEL filter museum in Ludwigsburg,


Top Authors

  • Heinz Müller

    Heinz Müller worked at MANN+HUMMEL for several decades, as part of the development, design and technical sales teams. He tested parts for a major customer in many different countries, sometimes under extreme weather conditions.

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  • Theresa Wieland

    Theresa Wieland has been working in Corporate Communications since 2016. After completing her studies with a focus on Communication and Media Management, she initially focused to Social Media Management. Meanwhile she is responsible for video productions around MANN+HUMMEL, thus enabling interesting insights into the company.

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  • Marco Peccia

    Marco Peccia has been working for MANN+HUMMEL since March 2015. He is currently responsible for Marketing and Sales Analyst (IAM) and Communication in MANN+HUMMEL Italia.

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  • Ingrid Wittke

    Ingrid Wittke works in Corporate Communications at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg and has been looking after the corporate blog since May 2015. As the manager of this blog, Ingrid has experienced the (almost) limitless possibilities of the world wide web, day in day out, when it comes to obtaining information, getting to know other cultures and improving your skills.

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  • Patricia Maita

    Patricia Maita is an Assistant Director at MANN+HUMMEL Venezuela. She lives in Valencia and enjoys baking and Venezuelan chocolate.

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  • Dr. Michael Harenbrock

    Dr. Michael Harenbrock is Senior Expert Engineering Electric Mobility at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg. He identifies technological trends, analyzes market developments and from this derives projects for new products for electric drives and fuel cell systems.

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