The Excon is South Asia’s Biggest Construction Equipment Event and took place in Bangalore from November 20th to November 24th. It was a very important exhibition, not only for India, but for the whole of South-East Asia. We attended the Excon for the fifth consecutive time.

Team Excon

Over 1,000 contributors attended the event including OEMs and other important distributors.

I attended the Excon myself and supported my marketing team in questions like “How will the exhibition be executed”, “How do we present ourselves”, or “How do we place the items we will display”. Basically, I was available before, during, and after the event.

We put up a MANN-FILTER booth at the exhibition and focused on the independent aftermarket. We showcased most of our air cleaners, some other filter elements, and displayed and explained the new products that we have launched in India thus far. The Excon is a marketing tool for us that we use to present our brand and our company, and this time my colleagues and I tried some different things, such as live demonstrations, other giveaways, and the placement of our products within our stand. We tried to be a bit different; we didn’t just give the customers some brochures, but also giveaways for day-to-day use, such as our MANN-FILTER branded calendars and the Hummeli key chains.

The exhibition was attended by lots of people who may or may not need our products. Thus, we targeted all the segments of our potential customers. This is badly needed, because even if people are in the filtration business in India, they sometimes do not know of us yet. We have only been in the market in India since 2007, and we are still building up our presence here.

excon with customers excon booth

There is also one big advantage for us: In India people trust in the pioneering position of German companies in the industry, and the status brought by German companies and products is of great value to Indians.

The economic situation for MANN+HUMMEL in India is tough these days. The value of the dollar makes it a challenging situation for us to place our products in the market at the right price. There are some significant challenges for us currently, but I am optimistic that the Excon has helped in increasing our business in the coming months.