For the first time, a MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Soccer team plays in the Adult League of the Fayetteville Soccer Club (FSC) this season.

This Soccer Club provides a variety of youth and adult soccer programs to the Cumberland County and surrounding areas. The League is comprised of 6 teams which play in a non-competitive recreation soccer program. The matches are played on a short field, 7 versus 7, in accordance with FIFA Laws and the rules of the game. The soccer club provides coaching and mentoring for Fayetteville youth as well as helps developing basic skills. It also gives adults a chance to play in a social environment reinforcing health and fitness and the spirit of soccer.

Founding a MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Soccer Team

When I joined MANN+HUMMEL in 2014 I saw a need for after work sports as a way to reinforce the MANN+HUMMEL values while coming together as a team. This idea derived from my military service where creating a work environment that is both enjoyable and competitive and also fosters Esprit de Corps and pride in an organization is essential to build a winning team. As MANN+HUMMEL has plants in many of the world’s soccer powerhouse countries and one cannot find a better way to find a common ground but to play the world’s most popular sport – even if you call it soccer or football – it was clear that founding a MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Soccer Team would be a great thing.

The idea was proposed to the leadership at MANN+HUMMEL Purolator US in order to start a team that would not only come together to play soccer but support the growing interest of soccer here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. After the approval I began to recruit employees throughout all sections of the plant, young and old, skilled and unskilled. Some players had not played in many years; some had never played at all.  My main goal was to bring employees together as a team, motivate and encourage each other while playing soccer, and to have fun.

Teamwork and Respect

Before each match I reinforce the standards that MANN+HUMMEL sets, that we will not only play as a cohesive team but we will show respect to our fellow teammates and opponents and also act as good stewards of the MANN+HUMMEL FILTER values. We are the only team with a Corporate Sponsor in the league increasing brand awareness and brand recognition here in Fayetteville.

The team is well trained, fiercely competitive and very diverse with players from the Czech Republic, Brazil, France, Haiti and The United States coming together as one team for one common goal.