This year, MANN+HUMMEL Brazil are celebrating 10 years of Domingo Ecológico (Ecological Sunday) and our partnership with the Indaiatuba City Hall and Education Secretariat. Ecological Sunday’s main aim is to promote social inclusion and raise awareness of environmental and sustainability issues within the local community.

Bosque do Sabe in Brazil

Raising awareness every Sunday

Ecological Sunday takes place six times a year at the Bosque do Saber Municipal Environmental School in Indaiatuba. Bosque do Saber was created to complement the activities of regular public and private schools regarding environmental education, putting teachers and students from 6 to 11 years old in touch with nature. The main objectives for the project are:

  • To make people aware of environmental diversity,
  • To stimulate a change in habits promoting environmental preservation,
  • To encourage multipliers that can stimulate change,
  • To promote social integration of the community and employees.

Ecological Sunday is open to all members of the community, and employees and their children. The event begins in the afternoon with interactive play and continues with Eco-Pedagogical Workshops with recyclable material, planting seedlings and storytelling (Eco-Reading).

social projects

Theatrical pieces are performed on current environmental topics. By presenting these themes in an accessible way, they encourage the audience to reflect on the environmental impact of their own day-to-day actions. In addition to raising community awareness through theatre, the Eco-Movies project was started in 2011. The project is a “movie theater” providing access to film productions and to stimulate cultural and personal development.

Targeting the next generation

During the Eco-Pedagogical Workshops, children learn how to transform recyclable material into toys and accessories. Children are great multipliers, which is why MANN+HUMMEL is investing sponsorship in early childhood education to ensure a more environmentally-conscious future generation.

Sunday of the Environment

In 2010, MANN+HUMMEL Brazil sponsored the Eco-Space at Bosque do Saber. This area was created to support Eco-Reading and Eco-Games projects, and contains a small library and an area to play games and perform plays with puppets. In the same year, MANN+HUMMEL Brazil was awarded “Child friendly” certification by donating part of its income tax to the Municipal Council for the Rights of Children and Adolescents.

social projects in Brazil

The success so far

After 10 years, we are certainly very proud of our achievement. Over the years, Ecological Sunday has had some great results. It has:

  • Raised environmental awareness
  • Encouraged child and family activism on environmental issues
  • Promoted reuse of recyclable materials
  • Impacted more than 180,000 people with average attendance of about 300 people per event
  • Distributed more than 400 seedlings
  • Donated around 40,000 books to use for Eco-Reading and to distribute among students of the municipal network.

Bosque do Saber

MANN+HUMMEL Brazil is looking forward to continuing our relationship with Bosque do Saber and encouraging even more members of the community and our employees to participate. Our next step is to intensify our participation by encouraging employees to volunteer at Bosque do Saber, to help during Ecological Sunday and with other projects.