Harald-KettenbachDear readers,
Dear fellow bloggers,

Welcome to our blog.

Although I, as the VP of Corporate Communications at MANN+HUMMEL, am tasked with representing the ‘official’ view of the company, this blog has been designed to open a dialogue with you and show you the diversity of our company from the personal points of view of our employees.

An article in a blog which is just officially launching? What seems like a contradiction can be explained by the internal test phase, which preceded the official launch, and indeed would have to: after all, an empty blog wouldn’t be too exciting. We also want to test the ‘tech’ of the blog, although – or rather because – people with no particular computer or programming knowledge can publish text, images and videos here.

I would like to invite all of our employees to take part in our blog. All other readers are also invited to leave comments or maybe even become guest authors.

Now I’ll replace my VP of Corporate Communications hat with that of a normal blogger and describe my view of the company MANN+HUMMEL.

After spending many years in listed companies, even after almost three years at MANN+HUMMEL I continue to be impressed by the special spirit permeating our family company. It can and must be experienced: on the family day in Shanghai, during the tearful departure of a long-serving plant manager in Lower Bavaria, during baseball with American colleagues in Michigan or whilst eating ‘Maultaschen’ pasta in the canteen in Ludwigsburg. Dressed with hot butter and onions and served with a Swabian potato salad, of course. Even though I’m a northerner, I can’t resist that: everything feels good – a little like a family.

That’s why I am happy that we’re now becoming more open, more visible and more approachable. We finally have enough to reveal and report on.

And who could do this better than the employees who help shape MANN+HUMMEL every day? And where could they do it better than in this blog?

What you, dear readers, can always do, is leave comments.
I have a small request in this regard: please be a little patient at first. We want to learn how to use the blog medium, which is still new to us, in such a way as to be fun for everyone. And we want this blog to grow and flourish. We need constructive criticism to do this – and maybe even a little encouragement from time to time. That is, if you like what is happening here.

Enjoy the MANN+HUMMEL blog!

With warmest regards,

Harald Kettenbach
Vice President of Corporate Communications