MANN+HUMMEL’s blog first came to life in July 2013. Eighteen months later, our Corporate Blog has a brand new look.

Relaunch Corporate Blog

We received a great deal of feedback from blog readers and authors over the last year, which we collected and used to help with the redesign of our blog.

The new website boasts enhanced functionalities and provides an even more user-friendly and diverse behind the scenes look at MANN+HUMMEL. On top of this, the site has a fresh design with improved navigation and optimised compatibility for use with smartphones and tablets.

Read the blog on the go using your smartphone

The idea of ‘responsive design’ was particularly important to us, and so the blog content now automatically adjusts itself to your device’s screen size. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet or netbook, inconvenient zooming and unnecessary scrolling are now a thing of the past. This was the main motivation behind our relaunch. Readability of content is an important issue that could not previously be guaranteed for all devices. The responsive design now makes it possible to enjoy reading at your convenience – even whilst out and about.

Relaunch Corporate Blog

Everything at a glance

A further update is the reduction in the number of subject categories from seven to three, entitled ‘People & Company’, ‘Innovation & Technology’ and ‘Apprenticeships & Careers’. These are presented together in a topic navigation bar at the top of the website. In addition to the chronological layout on the homepage, these categories allow the reader to access our blog articles as organised by content. The topic fields are now quicker and easier to access and the diversity of the blog content is – we hope – more evident. In addition to this, a banner will remain at the top of the website, promoting three blog articles that we particularly recommend to our readers.

Experts for subject areas

Of course, a blog is given life through interaction within the blogosphere and social networks. It was therefore our aim to foster stronger connections between our readers, authors and content. In future, in addition to the comment function, anyone wishing to post questions or comments on a particular topic will have access to designated contact persons who are experts in the subject area and will provide rapid and direct support. Authors will, of course, continue to be directly contactable via the comment function on the blog.

Readers and authors will also have the option of sharing articles in social networks using the new ‘share’ function.

Our blog is continuing to grow

Since it was launched in 2013, we have seen our blog enjoy continuous growth. Bloggers shared their experiences, impressions and adventures from around the world with us – in German, English or in their own language, such as in Spanish, Portuguese or French. Our network of bloggers is also growing steadily; perhaps you know some of them already.

Would you like to participate in our Corporate Blog? It doesn’t matter whether you are a MANN+HUMMEL employee or a guest blogger – we are looking forward to reading your Story!

Behind the scenes of the relaunch

It may be hard to believe at first, but a relaunch entails more work than you might initially think. Planning, consultations and coordination with the various parties involved, such as idea generators, editors, designers and technicians, can be very demanding. In the end, however, all of the hard work has paid off, and we are proud to present a user-friendly blog with a new design and added features to draw in readers.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us here in the MANN+HUMMEL Blog Team so tirelessly.

We would also like to offer our gratitude to our employees who share their articles with us and our readers, and to our readers who visit our blog, and read and comment on our articles.

We look forward to receiving numerous new articles in the future and to welcoming old and new bloggers and readers alike!