MANN+HUMMEL had another eventful year in 2018 full of new ideas, innovative projects and commitment to social causes. Here is a quick look back at our highlights of the year:

Let’s cast off by looking at some of our innovative ideas and projects that propelled us forward in 2018.


Silicon Valley is not just home to IT giants: MANN+HUMMEL also has a presence there, with employees working on innovative ideas as part of the Incube programme. So far, the Californian start-up atmosphere has paid off. Projects from Streametric and qlair have led to the creation of impressive products which have brought a breath of fresh air to our product portfolio. With a data-controlled platform for water treatment systems for intelligent water management, Streametric is setting new standards in the area of water filtration; meanwhile, qlair is tackling the current challenges in cabin air filtration with QlAir, a smart system for real-time monitoring and regulation of cabin air quality.

The Fine dust eater

Here in Germany, we are also taking innovation to the streets. Our pilot project in Stuttgart saw 17 filter cubes installed at Neckartor to help regulate environmental pollution at one of Germany’s particulate hotspots. This caused a real stir towards the end of the year.

Apprentice Project

Our apprentices showed full commitment in setting up a cross-location project to work on the solutions of tomorrow. The goal is to develop a sensor system for measuring particulates and to then install this in a standard MANN+HUMMEL filter housing.

measuring technique  apprenticeship

IAA 2018

It goes without saying that MANN+HUMMEL needs a place to present the fruits of its labours to the wider public. That’s why, once again this year, we exhibited some of our products at the IAA trade fair in Hanover, where we were able to expand our own horizons by making some interesting contacts.

With all these great ideas and projects from our creative MANN+HUMMEL employees, we must be on course for success. Let’s keep moving in the right direction.

But, of course, 2018 wasn’t all sunshine. Like every year, it also had its downsides. Fate dealt some MANN+HUMMEL employees a difficult hand during 2018. The worst example of this was Hurricane Florence, which struck the east coast of the USA and left a trail of destruction in its wake across the Carolinas. Many people lost their homes and were left not knowing what to do for weeks afterwards. It was touching to see how the community spirit and FILTER values also play an important role in the personal life of many MANN+HUMMEL employees. All of our US colleagues lent a hand and were able to put together some generous care packages for those affected.

But the concern of our employees is not just reserved for their colleagues; once again in 2018, MANN+HUMMEL supported many projects in line with its social responsibility:

  • 10-year commitment to environmental awareness

MANN+HUMMEL Brazil celebrated the 10th anniversary of ‘Domingo Ecológico’ (Spanish for ‘Environmental Sunday’), an environmental project that takes place six times a year and, in partnership with the local city council, is intended to help make children aware of sustainability issues and environmentalism.

  • Bobby Car race for a good cause

Some MANN+HUMMEL employees jumped at the chance to take part in the fun of a Bobby Car race. This not only allowed them to indulge in some childhood reminiscences but also to raise funds for a good cause. The race was held as part of the RTL TV programme ‘Mein neuer Alter’ (my new old car), with the aim of raising money for a Sonneberg family to buy a new car, which they urgently needed.

  • Fighting cancer in England

MANN+HUMMEL UK declared war on cancer alongside its participation in a number of other charity campaigns. A bake sale was held to raise funds for charities for cancer sufferers and to go towards cancer research.

  • Christmas miracle in Poland

At MANN+HUMMEL Poland, there is a big emphasis on charity at Christmas. The employees support an organisation that treats needy families and individuals to vital surprise packages at Christmas. However, this year they also wanted to extend a helping hand beyond their homeland, so they put together a large package of classroom and painting supplies for an orphanage in Bangladesh to bring a smile to the faces of the children there too.

Collection of donations  Charity  Charity Team

With that, we make our way slowly back towards home shores…

With this mixture of bright minds who not only show commitment to both business and social issues but also support each other in good times and bad, MANN+HUMMEL has the perfect crew on board to make sure everything is shipshape for 2019. Full speed ahead!