Combining charity with a sports event has always had a hugely positive impact on society. This was achieved by Tata Consultancy Services by hosting the TCS World 10k Bangalore – an annual 10 kilometres road running competition which takes place in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore Marathon

In 2011, only three employees from MANN+HUMMEL India showed keen interest and took the initiative to participate in the TCS World 10k run. Despite being just three souls, they still went ahead without feeling too lonely.

Three years later, an additional 22 employees decided to participate in the run. There were in fact 11,065 competitors in the 2014 TCS World 10k Bangalore!

Some of the participants started practicing for the run a few months in advance, while a few others decided to combine both practice and final run on the same day!

Having set the ball in motion, we hope that more employees will join us in the 2015 TCS World 10k run.

A larger group of participants in the future will surely highlight our company’s presence in India and confirm our support for social causes.

I personally got inspired for this run two years ago. When I registered for the first time, I was thinking ‘oh my god, will I able to complete 10km? Maybe it is going to be too much for me, because I had never walked or run so far before..’. That year (2012), my target was simply to complete this 10 km distance. Fortunately I was able to finish that distance in 1:20:30 hours (really bad time) and I was still standing! This was thanks to all the people who woke early in the morning and came to support the runners, the organisers who arranged bands and folk music to perform along the route, giving inspiration to the runners. This race gave me the boost to continue running, I started loving long distance running and it has now become my hobby. I have completed two half marathon and six 10 km distance runs to date.

This year’s TCS 10k run was different from the past two years, with the race starting quite early, at 6:20 am. This year, even the weather was kind: there had been rain the night before, giving a refreshing cooling effect to the Bangalore air. This year I also found there were many supporters coming along to support the runners in spite of the earlier start. This year’s race was really special for me because I was able to persuade my wife to compete too.


Over the whole route, I was little worried about her because she had never run or walked such a long distance before (just like me 2 years ago). In fact, she finished 10 km in 1:28:41 hours.

Bangalore Marathon 2I was able to complete this 10 km run in 1:04:31 hours. This is not really a good time, because there are many people like Kumar Ramaiah (49:42 min) who finished in under 50 minutes (in the hot and humid Indian weather).

After finishing the race, all the MANN+HUMMEL colleagues had some fun, danced, took photos and promised to meet up again in the office the next day (for first timers it was little difficult).