Although, we live in the 21st century, there are small chances that woman can be seen on managerial functions, especially in industries like automotive. From seasonal worker to chief of HU line, this is how my story began. My name is Dženita Kalabić and I’m a new chief of HU line in MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia.

Working hard and helping colleagues in production sector, as time was passing by, I’ve learned pretty much everything regarding the HU line. I helped because I wanted, not because I had to. I love to work around machines and I love male jobs. In Tešanj you can often hear a quote: „When someone calls you, answer, because when they stop calling you, it’s in vain to answer then“.

HU Line

After opening a position for chief of HU line, I’ve decided to answer the call. Few days later I put on my new uniform and started to work on my new position. New responsibilities sometimes require the help of your colleagues. For example,  they are always there when I have to lift heavy tools. That kind of tasks I can’t do by myself due to spinal damage. Our sector is full of gentlemen, as  they are always there to step in if help is needed. The HU line has about 13 workers mostly women.


When it comes to fulfilling their tasks, there are no exceptions or privileges. It’s a little bit harder for me now. I prefer to work, more than command people. When you see them it’s like you see yourself. I am thinking  “that was me just a few days ago”. So I’m trying to help them as much as I can.

I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t do the same things as they do, despite the fact that I have to guide them. Colleagues from other sectors reacted very positive on this change, but at the same time they are surprised when they see a woman instead of a man in this position. I’m trying to do my job the best that I can. Every new day is a new challenge.

Dženita Kalabić

I’ve been an employee in MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia for 4 years. I’m a mother of two and when they offered me this job, at the beginning I was in a dilemma. Change isn’t easy. So one day my family was sitting at the kitchen table,eating and I asked them if I should  transfer to this position or not. My kids just looked at me and said: „You are a super mom“. At that moment all my dilemmas disappeared.


They gave me the  strength  I needed. I was even more proud when my colleagues told me that I was the second woman in the history of MANN+HUMMEL corporation, that is appointed as head of this  line. At the end I’m saying YES. YES to my future in MANN+HUMMEL Bosnia, YES to my colleagues and YES to my family for believing in me no matter what.