Two new MANN-FILTER diesel fuel filters, PU 11 001 z KIT and PU 11 002 z KIT, were launched on the market for the new Mercedes-Benz E-class a few days ago, and are set to become available for other diesel models in the future too. As these are installed very differently to other types of filter, we want to stay true to our claim (‘MANN-FILTER – Perfect parts. Perfect service.’) by providing a new service for our customers: In our assembly video, we will give you a step-by-step guide to removing and re-installing the new filter.

In my role as trainer for the independent aftermarket (IAM), I work at the interface between product management and sales, and the customer – which sees me dealing with the installers in the workshop too. The role is very close to my heart. I aim to provide the workshops that install our products with the best support possible while they are working.

Special assembly techniques required for new fuel filters

After my colleagues had developed the new diesel fuel filters (PU 11 001 z KIT and PU 11 002 z KIT) with three-stage water separation, I soon realised that it would not be so easy to locate the filter and work out how to assemble it in the accompanying printed assembly instructions.

What makes the new type of filter so different from other types of filter is its assembly process: the filter is not installed in the engine compartment, but rather underneath the vehicle, for example. This means that the mechanic first has to work out whether to drive the vehicle on to a hydraulic ramp or over a pit. Furthermore, the new filter has a bayonet fitting that most people will recognise from camera lenses: During removal, you have to rotate the filter slightly (similar to with a lens) in order to release it from the catch; only then can it be removed from the filter housing. It’s the precise opposite during installation: The new filter is inserted and locks in place if turned slightly. Those are the two most important aspects. In other words, the new type of filter is simple to install, in principle, provided that you know how.

A new product and a new service idea

The printed manual does not cover these handy tips in much detail, which got me wondering: How can we include this information so that it gets the attention it needs? To simplify matters, we created an assembly video reflecting our claim, which people can watch online on the MANN-FILTER YouTube channel from any standard PC or smartphone. We have printed a highly visible link and QR code in the hard-copy assembly instructions, which takes people directly to the video tutorial.

There is also a second QR code printed on the outside of the folded box. This takes people directly to the product page for the PU 11 001 z KIT or PU 11 002 z KIT in our online catalogue. In addition to detailed information, such as actual images of the kit in its entirety, or the filter element’s dimensions, often there are also links to (for example) product information to help salespeople or mechanics with their work.

The video itself was filmed and produced by Hannes Höhn’s team of students from Film Academy Baden-Württemberg.

I personally am very happy with how this new service idea is turning out and do of course hope that our customers will like it too. At less than three minutes long, our video is designed for maximum watchability, while also being informative. It avoids the use of language, instead explaining installation and removal via images, symbols and sounds. As it is ‘language independent’, we can use it worldwide.

I really hope that you will like our new service idea as much as I do, and that it will make it easier for you to install the new MANN-FILTER fuel filter.

Please let us know what you think – any feedback will certainly help us when creating future assembly videos.



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