What turns the ship business into something special is without any doubt that it is floating. That´s not a joke: Making business in this industry can be pretty unpredictable. It was not just once, that I got an early wake-up call from one of our truck drivers that could not find the ship they were supposed to deliver their goods to. Our customers possess ships all over the world, so delivering a new filter to a certain harbor at a certain time can turn into a real logistic challenge.

Air filters in ships

Thousand air filters on one ship

But it is a challenge that my colleagues and I like to face, because each one of us is excited about this business: We mainly offer bag filters for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units supplying clean air to the interior of the ships and smaller air filters for staff and guest cabins. You would not imagine how many of our products are needed in ships: One vessel alone can include about 1000 air filters. Especially tourist ships that use to travel around warm or tropic climates, require air conditioning in order to keep a comfortable temperature even around the Mediterranean Sea or the Caribbean`s. In order to air condition a ship millions of cubic meters of cold air are needed – And all this air needs to be filtered.

Air filters for good climate

If the air conditioning or ventilation systems would not be equipped with air filters, they would soon be full of all kinds of particles that the air usually carries. Particles like dust or dirt particles would lower the efficiency of fans, ducts or cooling batteries and lead to higher energy consumption. While for example cruising through the Caribbean`s, ships travel through a very humid, salty air. Salty particles as well as the humidity can cause corrosion of the equipment, which in turn leads to expensive replacements and repairs. These repairs can increase to reach Millions of Euro´s every year.

This shows how important functioning filter systems are for a ship – And how much money they can save the ship owner. Besides fulfilling highest efficiency standards the dust holding capacity of our filter bags is very high compared to the “standard”: An average life of a bag filter is 3-5 month. Our bag filters can last up to 8 month.

But operators of passenger vessels also aim at something else in order to satisfy their passengers: As most of us are sensitive when it comes to scents, our customers also require odor particle filters. They help them to filter molesting odors like cigarette smoke or diesel fumes.

I hope that I was able to show you what amazes me about our products and this special field of business. Although these are not the only things that excite me: I am an avid traveler so working in this business – I have to admit – sometimes feels more like pleasure than like work.

Air filters in ships 2