Ever since we got our driving licence, we’ve been die-hard road trip fans. Now, having travelled southern Europe, the USA and Australia, we’ll be taking on our longest trip to date: the Baltic Sea Circle 2017.

The Baltic Sea Circle is also referred to as the northernmost rally in the world. On 17 June 2017, 250 teams from across Europe will set off on a unique journey around the Baltic Sea. Their route will see them covering 7500 km, crossing 10 countries in 16 days and even reaching the North Cape. Further highlights along the route will include the Lofoten Islands, St. Petersburg, the Baltic states and Stockholm.

Team Knut Baltic Sea Circle

What is the Baltic Sea Circle?

The Baltic Sea Circle is not actually a rally in the traditional sense. Instead of special stages and fastest times, the focus is on charity, modern classic cars and team spirit. The rules state that the circuit must be completed without using a navigation system or GPS. Use of motorways is also forbidden and the vehicle used must be over 20 years old. Furthermore, each team collects a minimum of EUR 750 for their chosen good cause – in our case, this will be the charities Arche e.V. and Caritasverband Rottenburg-Stuttgart (donations to Team Knut via betterplace.org).

landscape Baltic Sea Circle

#170 Team Knut

Our team of five friends from the Stuttgart area will be lining up as #170 Team Knut. We have been sharing our passion for modern classics, road trips and outdoor adventure for many years. Due to our varied backgrounds, the team makes a formidable combination, with experienced mechanics, an offline navigation expert, photography enthusiasts and keen campers all part of the crew.

But perhaps the most important member of Team Knut is our rally vehicle: a 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero with a rock solid 2.8 l turbo diesel engine. Since we had bought it at the start of the year, we have spent a large proportion of our free time working on our Pajero to make it even better prepared for rally conditions; for example, by adding ram protection, additional headlights and roof boxes.

Together with MANN-FILTER

As well as help from our families and friends, we are also fortunate enough to be able to count on support from MANN-FILTER. When a vehicle is exposed to the kind of stresses a rally brings with it, it is particularly important that all parts function smoothly and reliably. With this in mind, we are absolutely delighted to have MANN-FILTER air, oil and diesel filters on our side as we tackle the 7500 km rally route. However, MANN-FILTER won’t just be travelling with us under the bonnet of our Pajero… Make sure you check out the exciting pictures in our photo gallery.

You can find out more about the Baltic Sea Circle and Team Knut at:

teamknut.com and Team Knut @ Facebook