Peter Grabow ist PförtnerIn my series of blogs entitled ‘What is the actual role of ….?’ I am presenting different job outlines at MANN+HUMMEL. In Speyer, I accompanied doorman Peter Grabow:

A job can simply be a job, or it can be a passion. As far as Peter Grabow is concerned, it is certainly the latter. He clearly enjoys his work as a doorman at MANN+HUMMEL in Speyer. ‘It is my aim that people, when thinking about MANN+HUMMEL, think about the nice service at the reception’, he says. In some places, gatekeepers only think about factory security, they hide behind their name badges and hope that nobody speaks to them. With his experience in hotels, he views his desk as a service point which provides the first port of call for employees and guests. ‘Our guests gain their first impression of MANN+HUMMEL when they come to the reception desk’.

It’s working well, staff in Speyer appreciate Peter Grabow and his work. Judith Mehrwald, for example, had applied for a job and was sitting on the sofa in the foyer a few years ago. Grabow calmed her nerves at that time and the two colleagues are now on friendly terms. Many staff greet Grabow personally, enquire about the weekend or return borrowed books. He knows that ‘Particularly in the mornings, when people are dragging themselves into work, you need to lift the mood. You have to be able to make people laugh from time to time, too, which gets them motivated’.

From his screen, Grabow constantly monitors the surveillance cameras scattered around the site. He hasn’t spotted burglars yet, only a huge number of trucks delivering or collecting goods. Using his touchpad, he lets the vehicles through. ‘The flow mustn’t stop’, he says. During the course of the morning, a handful of employees want to order a hire car straight away, countless visitors arrive and the telephone never stops ringing. You have to multi-task without forgetting anything, says Grabow. ‘It is a varied job and never boring’. At night, the doorman distributes the daily post to the desks in the various offices.

doorman Peter Grabow

He points out that in the past, ‘receptionist’ was a job in itself. Later, this role was combined with factory security. As his experience in the hotel industry included a security certificate, Grabow already had the necessary qualifications. He also has the skills of the hotel trade. ‘All security personnel on the gate should have worked in a hotel for six months’, he says. This where you acquire a confident manner and recognise body language. ‘If a representative arrives, I am able to react according to the mood and create a positive atmosphere’, Grabow explains. He knows almost all employees by name and always finds the right contact person.

In the Pfalz region, zest for life is key. This is something that Grabow, originally from the far North, is quite aware of. ‘Sincere, friendly, direct’ is his motto. He joined MANN+HUMMEL some years ago, now he is a member of various corporate sports groups and has already administered a Family Day. ‘Contact here is really close, says Grabow, continuing: ‘This is due to the management. Interaction and c-operation are encouraged’. He is passionate about his job and knows that ‘small details can sometimes have a big impact’.