For 76 years, MANN+HUMMEL has been a successful family business, renowned the world over as a leading filter specialist. Our values and our expertise are embodied by our Group brand MANN+HUMMEL, and we are constantly working on ways to communicate this brand identity. We want to convey our message and start a dialogue in a way that suits the time, place, communication channel and, of course, target group. We want to meet people at their level and make sure we remain in their memory. In this age of digital transformation, it is no longer enough to rely on print advertisements and long texts because, in all honesty, who really takes the time to read it all?

Making brands an experience

Instead, we turn to music. It’s subtle, doesn’t take up too much time and triggers the memory. A few notes constantly repeated form a connection with a certain brand in our mind, whether or not we want this to happen. Example: Da da da di daa simple sequence consisting of just five notes has been familiar to us all now for many years. Even without the striking magenta of the company logo, you immediately know that this is the sound of T-Mobile. So, with this objective in mind, we got together to see if we could come up with a similar acoustic experience for MANN+HUMMEL.

About a year ago, we launched our new brand identity. We made some adjustments to our logo, made our shade of green even greener and squared off the angles – in short, we got the brand ready to compete on the global stage. Brands do not stand still. They are constantly changing in interaction with the surroundings in which they appear. That’s why our work on our Group brand is never finished. We see the sound logo as another building block in a professional brand identity aligned with our vision of ‘Leadership in Filtration’. Together with our agency and an experienced musician, we deliberated, tested and combined our ideas until eventually we were all sure that we had found just the right sound for us. Thus our distinctive and emotive sound identity was born, and will be a firm fixture in our image and product videos in future. At the moment, it still sounds new and unfamiliar, but soon the first few notes will be enough to remind even you of our company’s green logo. Okay that’s enough description for now, have a listen and decide for yourself.

So why exactly did we decide on guitar chords to represent a company of 21,000 people? Because, although we are moving quickly towards an innovative future, we do however still have one foot firmly planted in the past, and remain a traditional family business. This is the reason why we decided not to venture into the territory of electronic or synthetic sounds, opting instead for a more traditional musical style.

The notes were produced with the strings vibrating both before and after the chord was strummed. This brings a certain clarity, which not only permeates the song, but also the entire philosophy of MANN+HUMMEL. And so we continue along the path towards leadership in filtration.