Rays of sunshine beating down on the streets. Flowers blossoming. Birds singing. A few lone souls tapping away on their keyboard somewhere… It’s fair to say that while many of our colleagues are enjoying the summer holidays and taking a little downtime, we are doing the exact opposite! We have swapped holiday plans and outdoor activities for many sunny hours spent at our desks. That holiday feeling is not necessarily something we want to go without completely, however. So why not bring that tropical island ambiance to work? Here’s how…

Three tips for creating a holiday atmosphere in the Office

1. Memories are important

The sound of the sea in Abu Dhabi, the majestic mountain tops over the South Tirol – sometimes all you need are a few small reminders of your last trip to bring back that holiday feeling. That’s why we have decorated our workplace with a few simple photos – it almost feels like we’re back there!

2. Island dreams

On some days though, reminiscing simply isn’t enough. That’s why we have got creative and built our very own tropical island! Nothing brings back that holiday feeling like a few palm trees. You also want your own palm tree paradise? No Problem 😉


3. Cocktail umbrellas, por favor!

A nice drink is the perfect way of rounding off your ‘non-holiday’ in the office! Instead of water and coffee, we’ve been enjoying a zingy kick of mint, cucumber and lemon juice in our drinks – it’s a shame no one ever has any coconuts with them though!


Whether you are at your desk, in the mountains or at the seaside, we wish all our readers a super sunny summertime and hope you all enjoy a few days of relaxation!