I joined MANN+HUMMEL INDIA (MHIN) in Bangalore in December 2012. Within a couple of months, I realised there was lot of enthusiasm for running at MHIN. Starting from management level to staff and operator level, most of my colleagues were passionate about running, even with temperatures soaring up to 42C. Although I had run in the past with the support of my friends Vinod and Radhika, I got more inspiration for running after joining the MANN+HUMMEL team. I also met one of my colleagues Mr. Martin Postel when I visited Speyer, Germany. He was doing ironman competitions and became a role model for me and I started taking many tips from him to improve my Timings.

In 2013, we had about 20 engineers participating in the Bangalore world 10K event, a major run in the city. I must admit that was the booster for my running habit as I saw so many colleagues participating. What’s more, other staff members encouraged the runners during training and cheered them on at the event. It was different experience running with colleagues.


Personally, I was training well in the evenings and was very confident of achieving a place in the first 1,000 (among 20K+ participants). Unfortunately the day of the race was very humid. I tried to run fast and got exhausted around the 4 kilometre mark. I ended up with a finish time of 58 minutes which was total disappointment.

In the same year, we had our second run event, the Puma Urban Stampede, which is specifically for corporate teams. MANN+HUMMEL entered 5 teams (4 people x 5kms) and the company sponsored our entry fees and team kit. It was very good experience to participate as a team, representing our organization.


In 2014, we had more participants from our office – 30 engineers – and even more non-running colleagues who encouraged and supported us. We also had couple of German colleagues participating in the event, which gave us extra motivation. Unlike the year before, I achieved my personal best time at this event with the support of colleagues and friends.

For that year’s Puma Urban Stampede corporate run event we had 7 teams (4 x 5kms) sponsored by the company. This time, the motivation and support was excellent as the more experienced runners could encourage and advise their new teammates. We had one of the best runs thanks to this. It was great experience to see the whole MANN+HUMMEL India team cheering on the last runner to finish. Even though we were participating in a competitive atmosphere against other corporates in the event, the sense of team effort and collaboration ensured successful participation and an injury free completion.

I look forward to seeing more and more participation from our colleagues in the future at such events. It really helps us to build and improve the morale of every team member. On a personal level, running benefits everyone’s health for the better. For me, I am looking forward to running a full marathon in 2015 and I’d like to participate in international runs in upcoming years. I thank the organization for promoting and supporting participation of employees at such Events.

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