It has been almost six months now since I joined MANN+HUMMEL India and it feels great to be a part of a global organization. MANN+HUMMEL gives lot of emphasis in instilling the six filter values-Focus, Integrity, Leadership, Excellence, Teamwork and Respect among its employees. These values act as a beacon while working towards accomplishing the shared vision of ‘Leadership in Filtration’.

Great teamwork is everything

‘Team building Training’ was one such activity which was designed to equip us with all those competencies strongly linked to our filter values and required to confront the challenges while working as a team, aligning individual achievements towards a common goal, effective communication, utilizing the diverse competencies of the team members in the most efficient way, dealing with the conflicts etc. I am glad and eager to share my experience with the MANN+HUMMEL world through this platform.

Better teamwork through training

I was extremely excited about the two day activity primarily because though it was a training but the location was not the company or any corporate premises but away from the hustle-bustle of the city, amidst serene and tranquil lush green surroundings.

We achieved a lot in the team

It was nice to see the same faces we see everyday but in a different state of mind. What I could see was beaming faces flashing joy and happiness. All of us had left our office worries at our desk. We were quite chilled out and ready to explore the green charm of Ozone Wonder Valley- our location for the two days training and immerse our souls into the pristine natural surroundings. Yes we had also put aside the façade we used to carry everyday to office and we all were just our natural selves. So this was the best time to understand the temperament, character, nature of our team-mates with whom we had been dealing with over the past few months or even years but hardly knew about them.

Inculcating competencies in the team

All of us reached there with empty stomachs and pounced upon the breakfast preparing ourselves for the strenuous physical activities. And then with soaring spirits and full zest, we embarked onto our two day session. We were given lot of group activities but only later did we realize that the fun-filled and sometimes physically taxing activities had a larger motive. The learning came when all of us reflected on the activities of the day during several sessions with our trainer.  These activities were designed in a way to promote team-work, utilizing the strengths of the team members, coping up with the weakness and other differences and moving towards a common goal by meticulous planning and strategy making. Each of the activity tried to inculcate competencies which are an important requisite for a successful team-player and good teambuilding.

The team

TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More’ was the experience gained through the various activities.

The first activity taught us that the approach we need to follow while trying to resolve a complex problem. We need to simplify it by breaking it up into smaller tasks and try to look at easier tasks first and gradually moving on to the more difficult tasks.

“You don’t win with the best talent – you win with the five players who are able to play well together.”

This message was conveyed through one of the activity where it was required from the team to reach a common goal together which demanded hundred percent contribution from all team members. It was not possible for any team member to cross even a single hurdle without the support of others and even seek assistance from other teams.

One activity after the other, all seemed to reverberate a common message-

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

Finally we returned home with tired bodies but enthused minds, trying to reflect on and assimilate the learnings of our extensive training, determined to adopt the same at our workplace and work in unison towards the organisational goals.