Omicrophonesn 3 April 2014, MANN+HUMMEL will be providing a performance overview of the 2013 financial year. At the annual press conference held at the Literaturhaus in Stuttgart (Germany), Alfred Weber (President and CEO) and Frank B Jehle (Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer) will provide feedback on the most important company figures from the previous year and present the strategy for the coming months.

As press officer for the MANN+HUMMEL Group I am responsible for organising the year’s press event which is most important for us, so the past weeks were a very busy time for me. All preparations are extremely important and must be very well organised as the media coverage of the financial statement press conference makes up the majority of our annual business coverage.

In their presentations, the CEO and CFO will provide a clear and comprehensible overview of the past financial year and the most important financial figures (for example turnover, EBIT and EBIT margins). The recently concluded acquisition of Vokes Air will also be discussed and the strategy for the coming months presented.

To conclude, the managers will answer the journalists’ questions in a discussion panel. Those attending will primarily include members of the economic press and the most important regional and national print media. We understand that editorial departments work under extreme time pressures, so we would like to offer the journalists a short, succinct report on the 2013 financial statement in just half an hour, and prefer to answer individual questions at the end of the session. There will be time after the conference for interviews and photos, video or audio recordings. The Literaturhaus in Stuttgart provides the ideal location for this conference. We are of course looking forward to reading the detailed and interesting coverage in the newspapers following the press conference.

A further step forward in our communication strategy is the increasing internationalisation of our media work. The press release regarding the financial statement press conference will be published in 13 languages and the talks given by the CEO and CFO will be available in German, English, Spanish and Chinese from the press area of the website. Those interested in the conference can follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #MH2013.

Of course, our communication regarding the press conference is not only aimed at the public, but also at the company’s employees, who will receive the information slightly ahead of everyone else. I will also be providing my colleagues in the press offices at our global locations with all the press materials so they can pass them on to the media in their respective countries. Finally, a camera team will be capturing the event highlights for our YouTube channel and Intranet.

Here again, the most important points in brief:

MANN+HUMMEL Group financial statement press conference

Date: Thursday, 3 April 2014, 10:00
Event location: Literaturhaus Stuttgart, Breitscheidstraße 4, 70174 Stuttgart (Germany)

Press registrations and enquiries should be directed to

The press release on the financial statement press conference, speeches from the Managing Director and the most important charts from the presentations will be uploaded to our media page on 3 April at around 10:15.

Follow us on Twitter @MANNHUMMELGROUP and use hashtag #MH2013 to get all the most important information on the financial statement press conference as it happens.