Before visiting a job fair, you will probably ask yourself a lot of questions: How should I prepare? What should I wear? Should I take my application with me? I frequently attended job fairs for MANN+HUMMEL, and I was often sense a certain amount of insecurity among the visitors. School pupils and students wonder how to behave and what they should wear when going to a job fair. They often stand in front of me looking unsure of themselves and do not know how to act in order to make a positive impression. I would therefore like to give you a few helpful tips, which will make a visit to a job fair a complete success for both parties – applicants and companies.

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Job fair as an excellent opportunity

The number of job fairs in Germany is steadily increasing and the demand is immense. Lots of companies are feeling the lack of skilled staff in specialist professional groups. The battle to attract talented young staff is growing, and at the same time, applicants also have increasing requirements of their future employers. Visiting a job fair is therefore beneficial for both parties: companies can present the opportunities that they offer and students can find out about training programmes and opportunities for promotion.

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How to prepare for a job fair

The benefits of attending a fair increase considerably if you follow a few important rules. Find out about the companies that are represented, ask questions and, above all: have a clear idea of your career goals. This will allow you to make optimum use of the opportunities at a job fair. In principle, there are two different kinds of job fair: general fairs to which all target groups have access, and fairs organised by universities and colleges, which are aimed specifically at students. Usually 30 to 40 companies are represented at these events. It is therefore important that you prepare a list of the employers that you are interested in beforehand.

The next thing you might think about is the clothes that you should wear to make a good impression. You need to find the right balance between casual and business dress. You cannot go wrong with a combination of jeans, shirt/blouse and jacket/blazer. If you also find out about the companies and think of questions you want to ask them in advance, then you will be well prepared. In order to attract attention at a job fair as a company, you will need creativity. At MANN+HUMMEL, we install a slot car race track at our fair stand, where attendees can compete against each other and win prizes. This results in some very amiable and illuminating conversations.

job fair MANN+HUMMEL

At the MANN+HUMMEL stand there is always at least one representative from the specialist department and one human resources officer. During conservations, it is not only important to ask questions, but also to actively listen and respond to what is said.

job fair MANN+HUMMEL

If you want to know when and where we will next be appearing, then just visit our website and keep up to date. We look forward to seeing you there!



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