Hummeli as giveawayYou see them everywhere, sitting on desks or hanging from keyrings. They are often given as gifts – not only to children, but also to customers and business partners. What are they? The MANN+HUMMEL ‘Hummeli’, of course!

These little bumblebee key pendants have become a real success story.

People love the Hummeli

They have been around for more than 10 years, and remain as popular as ever. Already, more than 100,000 Hummeli’s have been given as gifts, and it can be said that in addition to Wiking model cars, pens, and T-shirts, they are the most popular promotional gift at MANN+HUMMEL and people just really love the little bee.

However they are not the first of their kind: in the mid-90s, I saw a fox mascot for a building society at a promotional products distributor, and it gave me an idea: a ‘Hummel’ cuddly toy! (Hummel in German means bumblebee in English!) A few different samples had to be made before we were satisfied with the result.

Then in 1996 we were ready to launch the first ‘Hummeli’ as part of our range of promotional gifts.

First Hummeli with small HummeliHummeli key ring

At that time, no-one thought that this cuddly toy would meet with such a great response, that so many more orders would be placed, and that it would soon become an integral part of the range of promotional gifts.

Every year a new Bumble member

For the Ludwigsburg Family Day in 1998, we purchased an additional smaller Hummeli which was given to employees and visitors as a free gift. It was actually intended to be a one-off batch, but the small version was met with such a great response that it even ended up superseding the larger one – ‘the little one was just so cute’!

Over time, many different Hummeli versions have been produced; in the Industrial Filter division, for example, there are two larger mascots and a Lady Hummeli. What’s more, Hummeli exists not only as a cuddly toy, but also as a cartoon, drawn for the MANN+HUMMEL children’s book. They have even been turned into walking Mascot characters, appearing at a company event for the first time at our Family Day in 2011, and many more events since.

Another popular creation is the collectible ‘Business Bumble Family‘ series, which is available in the in-house online shop. A new member of the Bumble family is added every year:

Freddy Bumble – Working Man

Isabella Bumble – Business Lady

Leo Bumble – Business Man

Tommy Bumble – Engineer

Emma Bumble – Working Lady

Rudi Bumble – Casual Friday Man

Freddy and Isabella are already available in the online shop. Leo has also been available since the start of the month. Tommy, Emma, and Rudi will follow in the coming years.

Isabella und Freddy BumbleGiveaway Hummeli Leo


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