I would describe myself as an early adopter, as I am always keen to try out new technology. As soon as the iPad 2 hit the market, I bought one and was thrilled with it. At the time, Apple was at the top of its game, especially in the tablet market. Once I familiarized myself with the device, I thought to myself, “This could be a useful addition to our marketing department“.

Usecases for the MANN+HUMMEL App

For example, we could use it at trade fairs. Rather than using just catalogues and flyers as established marketing tools, staff could use this modern interactive medium as a handbook at trade fair stands, not only in German, but also English and Chinese at the push of a button. It could also be used by the sales team during their presentations. What’s more, the image associated with the Apple brand was (and still is) the benchmark in many areas. This makes it the perfect fit for us since we are also leaders in our business segments.

mann+hummel app

After an extensive brainstorming phase we implemented the app together with an agency. Next came the internal test, during which colleagues from various departments put the app through its paces. The acceptance was massive; we even had waiting lists for the iPads! The feedback and comments on the app were also extremely helpful.

How the MANN+HUMMEL App works

The structure of the app is based on a linear design with lots of logical branches. The app starts with a general section which presents the company, the turnover figures and the business segments, and then provides in-depth information on industry applications and products. That’s enough to whet the appetite. Even our MANN-FILTER range has been given its own section, which is fun to explore.

Industrial app

The highlights of the app are definitely the Product finder, the Product comparison function, and the X-ray function. The comparison and X-ray functions can currently only be used for two products but this is due to be gradually developed and expanded. The X-ray function shows a view of the inside of the product as the user moves a bar over the image. There is also detailed information about specific points of interest. With our Product comparison feature, which can currently only be tested at our industrial filter trade fair stands, you can place different products alongside each other and compare their features. For example, the user could select the ENTARON XD and the IQORON-V, select secondary elements and volumetric flow, and then immediately see where the functional data differ. This is, of course, a great tool for use in a sales pitch at a trade fair.

I was of course extremely keen to be the ideas man for the project. I would never have imagined that I would build an app and bring it to life as part of my job. I am even more proud of the result when I see how well we have taken advantage of an app’s potential. Sometimes I demonstrate the functions to my friends and they also give me 100% positive feedback. Anyone who has an iPad is welcome to download the app from the Apple App Store and make up their own mind about its functions and the information that it contains.

Andrew Glynn is Product Manager for OEM air filters for the industrial sector in Speyer. Together with his colleague, Sabine Wagner, he has developed a successful MANN+HUMMEL app. In his blog, he discusses the app´s structure and design.