MANN+HUMMEL golf LudwigsburgOur MANN+HUMMEL golf group meets every other Wednesday after work at the Monrepos golf club in Ludwigsburg, which is an 18-hole course. There are currently ten–twelve staff members who come to play. Each group consists of no more than four players and is called a ‘flight’. The line-up of the flights, i.e. who plays when with whom, is organised by Thomas Jessberger. The players have different levels of ability – or ‘handicaps’ in golfer language – and novices can particularly benefit from the opportunity to greatly broaden their experience by playing with experienced golfers. It’s great fun and makes golf an accessible sport for everyone. However, to ensure that the game can actually get started, there is a minimum requirement that has to be met. Golf proficiency courses, which are intended to introduce new golfers to correct swinging technique and the rules of the game, can usually be completed in a short space of time at any golf club.


MANN+HUMMEL golf – teamspirit and fun

We MANN+HUMMEL golfers usually play nine holes every second Wednesday and therefore we need around two hours’ playing time on average. If the weather is good, we finish the day on the club terrace, enjoying the evening sunshine and discussing our heroics on the golf course as well as other important topics. Aside from the physical exercise, the lively discussions among colleagues about business as well as private matters round off the day and promote team spirit.


This year’s golf season finished at the end of October. Our golf activities are put on hold during the autumn and winter but the next season will soon come around. If you are interested in golf, you are warmly invited to join our group. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas Jessberger for his work to organizing the sessions, and also Jörg Maier, our team captain. 

Our motto is: “Hit it high, let it fly, there are no bunkers in the sky” right up to the next flight.