Campus RecruitingMANN+HUMMEL is strengthening it’s recruiting efforts in China. As a member of the Human Resources (HR) team, it is my job to promote MANN+HUMMEL as a good employer in order to attract potential employees. We offer good salaries, have seven sites in the country, and are constantly expanding our business. We are one of the top employers in China and a respected member of the automotive sector in our country. Recently we established some events to attract potential new applicants, because the labour market here is very competitive.

Looking at it in another way: those students that we do not manage to recruit may end up being partners to MANN+HUMMEL if they work as engineers/designers in other automotive companies. Even they have nothing to do with automotive business, they still could be potential customers for our brand.

Campus RecruitingMaking use of the opportunity that was provided by CAF (China Association of Automotive Aftermarket Forum), MANN+HUMMEL and eight other international automotive parts suppliers participated at the event titled “All in Car” at the 2013 Chinese Automotive Aftermarket Campus Recruiting event held in October.

The marketing managers from the Automotive Aftermarket Division delivered lively speeches on the Automotive Aftermarket situation and development prospects, and HR presented the professional development opportunities provided by MANN+HUMMEL and its excellent enterprise culture.  The dynamic atmosphere of the event impressed all participants.

Between mid-October and mid-November 2013 the Chinese HR Team also conducted successful campus publicity and recruiting events at five universities in Shanghai to enhance our reputation among students. The students were able to meet our top management and to listen to their fellow students’ personal experiences about working at MANN+HUMMEL. The HR department had a presentation on the MANN+HUMMEL culture and career opportunities, and participants also had a chance to win small gifts by answering questions about MANN+HUMMEL.

Campus RecruitingMANN+HUMMEL China is cooperating with several universities; for instance, we have set up a scholarship scheme at two engineering universities. In 2013, MANN+HUMMEL was the only company that took part in the celebration to mark the 107th anniversary of the foundation of the University of Shanghai Science and Technology which we combined with our campus recruiting event.

For students, the common way in China is to apply online for a job. Most of the students are sending their resumees when their studies are coming to an end, even if they don’t have the degree already. This is similar to the situation in Germany, where some students are also applying for a job when they just have a few weeks left at university.

The other way of getting a job for Chinese students is a recommendation. But this will happen only for the most brilliant students. In China there are more than 2.300 universities – our HR department can’t know them all, and you also can’t estimate the quality of the teachings. So, if your university recommends you, this is of real significance in China.

If you are applying for a Chinese company, especially if you are a foreigner, there are two very important things you have to look at:

Your application letter should show respect and politeness to the recipient. The second important thing is your knowledge of the Chinese language. If you can’t speak Chinese, good English speaking capabilities are necessary for your application.

You can find the latest job offerings at MANN+HUMMEL China on our Website. We are looking forward to your comprehensive application.