A win-win situation is a situation in which the outcome will benefit both parties; thus all the participants have a sense of victory after the event. That is exactly what the UK Marketing department aimed to achieve when planning the strategy of the MANN-FILTER exhibitions in the UK. Our main objectives were:

  • to develop brand awareness in the UK market
  • to educate visitors about the importance of OE quality filtration. Once our goals were defined, we had to design an environment to enable visitors to become ‘winners’ after participating. This is the concept of the MANN-FILTER Efficiency Challenge.

No matter what age we are, everyone still loves to play! If you are learning whilst playing, it is a double bonus!

The aim of the MANN-FILTER Efficiency Challenge is to create an ‘efficiency’ analogy between a ‘human filter’ and the real thing  . . . .  a genuine OE quality MANN-FILTER, whose efficiency (for the purpose of this activity at least) is 99.7%.

Visitors are invited to enter the tube and to act as a filter, catching as many black foam balls (contaminants) as possible within 30 seconds. Each ball represents 10% efficiency and the target is to ‘beat’ the 99.7% efficiency of a MANN-FILTER. Once the challenge has been completed, each participant receives a certificate with their own filtration efficiency and an instant prize depending on their level of success.

On 24th March the game was launched together with the new MANN-FILTER stand for the UK Aftermarket, at a two day exhibition held at Alexandra Palace in London.  The feedback was very positive, with many visitors ‘pleading’ to play again in an attempt to improve their own efficiency against MANN-FILTER.

What it is more important, participants realised how difficult is to capture small contaminants and how efficient the MANN-FILTER products are. After the game, participants had the opportunity to discuss filtration topics with the MANN-FILTER UK team. Job done! We have created a win-win situation! We achieved our objectives and visitors won prizes as well as improving their knowledge of Filtration.

On this occasion, no one was able to ‘beat’ us. However, there will be more opportunities at the remaining Mechanex shows in 2015. You are welcome to come to visit us on our stand and take part in this challenge. Please follow the link below for details of the 2015 Mechanex shows.


Last but not least, we also reiterated our 2015 marketing theme at the show: No worries! The message is simple, with MANN-FILTER……

No worries, no pain, no doubts, no bother, no headaches, no trouble, no chances, no risk, no gamble, no compromise, no uncertainty, no comebacks, no complaints.

MANN-FILTER – no brainer!

Thank you to the team that made the success of the show possible. Working on this kind of event, makes you realise how important teamwork is. Victory in football is not about two or three good players, it is the result of a team. The same analogy could be applied to exhibition management. Our positive outcome is the result of many tasks conducted by several individuals acting as a team.