As a recent addition to the MANN+HUMMEL team, I am honored to have this opportunity to share my experience as a new hire. I’ve been with MANN+HUMMEL for just over three months now and I feel truly welcome as a new employee. The company really does have a family feeling and here, I’d like to explain why.

I saw the posting for the Project Manager Purchasing position – the job I now have – after it was brought to my attention by a previous team leader I knew via professional networking. I had an idea about MANN+HUMMEL before I applied courtesy of some professional and personal contacts who are former employees as well as from what I knew of the company’s reputation within the community. I was particularly intrigued by the company’s value of employee growth and development and ist emphasis on work/life balance – something that is not so common in the automotive sector. I applied and after some fairly intense and unique interviews, I was very pleased to be offered the position.

Feeling part of the family

Even before I set foot on the premises, I got a taste of how well MANN+HUMMEL takes care of their new hires. The week before my start date, I received a very detailed on-boarding schedule covering my first two weeks at the company. I was impressed by the thought and organization that this showed of my director and the support of the Human Resources team. This schedule wasn’t just a standard “one size fits all” document, but one that was tailor-made for me!

I looked forward to my first day and it didn’t disappoint. After being shown to my desk and introduced to my colleagues, I quickly realized that the on-boarding schedule offered a great mix of technical training and social interaction. As well as one-to-one technical sessions, I could work through the MANN+HUMMEL Purchasing Academy, an online training program, at my desk and at my own speed. One thing that particularly stood out for me was the individual lunch meetings I had with each of my teammates. Every day there was a new person to get to know in a casual, relaxed environment – the questions from both sides just kept flowing.

Talk the talk, walk the walk

I found the detailed reference manuals available to all staff made my transition into the MANN+HUMMEL culture easier. They are always there as a day-to-day reference and updated regularly so I can perform my duties effectively. I am sure the emphasis on technical documentation and standard work is a reflection of MANN+HUMMEL’s German roots, but I know the company is very open to new and efficient ways of doing business, and values employee ideas. For example, we apply “5S methodology” here – a Japanese technique based around the ideas of sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain ­- so much so that we have designated “5S days” scheduled to encourage, act and enforce utilization of this technique. This was, surprisingly, never fully encouraged at a previous Japanese employer of mine. I was also invited to partake in the recent management offsite where I could engage and discuss my ideas with the leadership team in an open and constructive atmosphere – just another example where MANN+HUMMEL demonstrates their values of teamwork and communication.

It’s only been a few months, but I really feel like a part of the team. We have expat colleagues in the office from Germany, Asia, and South America so the atmosphere is an amazing hybrid of cultures. I’ve also been able to collaborate on projects with colleagues from Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Germany who have been very friendly and helpful. In fact, everyone has been so supportive and accommodating; it’s just like being in a big family.