The posters had been up for weeks and people were asking ‘Are you going to Family Day this year?’ followed by the inevitable ‘I suppose it’s going to tip it down this time’. Well, the pessimists were proved wrong: the weather was fine right up until the closing moments at 5 o’clock. I was wearing a summer dress cut a little bit lower at the back.

family day 2014-239

Fun and games for the whole family

I don’t have the sort of complexion that tans easily, so I am now sitting at my desk, desperately trying to scratch the itchy skin around my shoulders. As I walked around the site on Saturday, I looked at the various attractions for the day. There were some old favourites like face-painting, a fancy dress competition and bouncy castles for the youngsters, plus some different games too. Sporty types could try their hand at a ‘Total Wipeout’ game, whilst for those with a head for heights, there was a gaudy ‘Miami’ fairground ride.

family day 2014-105

The theme was ‘The Swinging Sixties’, supported by many people wearing psychedelic shirts, hats and quite amazing wigs. I’m sure I even caught a glimpse of Elvis! There was also live music from a great band called ‘Soul Survivors’. Following my nose, I tracked down the food and in particular, the hot pork sandwich from the pig roast. There was a wide selection of refreshments available, so I’m sure there was something to suit all tastes. As I was waiting in the queue, I looked around and saw many new faces, giving me the ideal opportunity to start chatting.

family day 2014-103

Combining fun and charity

I understand that there was a record turnout – around 410 people – this year. HR department had done a great job in organising everything. Together with other volunteers, they manned a tombola stall which raised £159 for charity. They were very busy serving strawberry cream teas too. The fairground ride had been very popular all day, so I finally decided to have a go. As the bar descended onto my lap, I wondered whether this had been a wise move, but too late now! After whizzing through the air and squealing at the top for what seemed like a very long time, I wobbled off towards the exit. I think it called for a stronger stomach than mine!

family day 2014-090

Time to go and sit on the grass for a bit and listen to the band. It was in fact surprising how quickly the afternoon flew by. So after greeting existing colleagues or meeting new people in a relaxed friendly environment, Family Day 2014 finally came to an end. Feedback suggests it was an occasion enjoyed by one and all. Here are just a few of the comments: ‘Great to have live music this time. I knew how good it would be, because I had heard the band before’; ‘Our best Family Day ever’; ‘Good to meet people outside the work environment’; and ‘An excellent way to keep the kids happy all afternoon’.