In the Intelligent Air Solutions business unit of MANN+HUMMEL we started the marketing year of 2018 with three trade fairs: the VSK in Utrecht (Netherlands) in early February, the SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron (France) at the beginning of March, and the Nordbygg in Stockholm (Sweden) in the middle of April. In terms of the initiation of new business contacts, all three trade fairs were very successful.

My task was to prepare the trade fairs together with the teams on-site. We had a strategic approach for the events.  We defined targets we wished to achieve at the respective trade fair, which new products we wanted to present there, and the target groups we wished to address. In the preparation for trade fairs, attention to detail is important and is the sum total of many steps, or in other words: everything from biscuits to the stand itself has to be taken into account. Then, on the day before the start of the event, everyone has to roll up their sleeves again.

The Nanoclass Cube for operating rooms

The Nanoclass Cube for operating rooms

The stand builder hands over the trade fair stand and I have to get the stand ready for the event. My job is done on the first day of the fair after everything on the stand is running smoothly. After that I have time to take a look around the trade fair. It is interesting to view our market competitors, see which subjects and products they exhibit at the fair, and see how their stand looks. Trade fairs also give us a good opportunity to see where our filters are fitted.

Intelligent Air Solutions business unit at MANN+HUMMEL

As a newcomer to the Intelligent Air Solutions business unit, the start of 2018 was rather turbulent and busy for me. But after 28 years of working in marketing communication in the field of industrial filters I found my new field of operations stimulating. The Intelligent Air Solutions business unit was recently added to MANN+HUMMEL after we acquired Vokes Air in 2014. Then in 2017 we reinforced our market position with the purchase of Jack Filter. Our solutions reduce air pollution indoors and serve to ensure good indoor air quality in buildings.

The Airpocket is a HVAC filter

The Airpocket is a HVAC filter

This may sound trivial, but it is not. This is because the air quality indoors is worse than we imagine. Everyday items such as cleaning agents, paints and furniture and sometimes also animals release harmful substances. These substances can cause asthma and allergies or make them worse. The contaminants mix with substances which enter our homes from the ambient air and in this way unpleasant and even unhealthy room air is formed.

The importance of trade fairs for Intelligent Air Solutions

Intelligent Air Solutions grafic

The Intelligent Air Solutions (IAS) business unit at MANN+HUMMEL is active in six market segments

The market for Intelligent Air Solutions consists of different segments. The fact that each segment has so many potential customers means that we cannot know them all by name. Therefore trade fairs such as in Utrecht, Stockholm or La Roche sur Foron are an important marketing and sales tool. At the fairs we can present our products to a large specialist audience. For example, in Utrecht 35,000 trade fair visitors were counted, and in Stockholm the figure was 48,000. Our clear, high quality and confident appearance at the trade fairs and the communication beforehand attract new customers and potential customers.

Start of the marketing year in 2018: VSK and Simodec

The VSK is the most important specialist trade fair for heating, sanitary, air conditioning and cooling technology in northern Europe. Its aim is also to promote new environmentally-friendly products. Our trade fair team presented the MANN+HUMMEL range of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) products, clean room filters for operating theaters and oil mist separators for industrial applications (further applications for the products are available at the following link: HVAC, clean room filters, oil mist separators).

VSK in Utrecht

VSK: February 6 – 9 in Utrecht/Netherlands.

We exhibited at the SIMODEC in France for the first time this year. The international specialist trade fair for the machining industry is a meeting place for the most important international players in the fields of turning, machining and parts production for the automotive, aviation, railway, connector, watchmaking and medical engineering industries. This year it took place at the Parc des Expositions in La Roche sur Foron, near Annecy. The region is famous for its ski resorts and is also one of the most important locations for this industry in France.

SIMODEC in La Roche sur Foron/France

SIMODEC: March 3 – 7 in La Roche sur Foron/France

At the SIMODEC we presented ScandMist oil mist separators. They were designed to remove oil mist and smoke from industrial processes which use cooling lubricants with high speed machine tools. This results in a mix of harmful substances which is harmful to human health and the environment. The oil mist separator filters and separates oil mist, smoke or other harmful substances directly at the source (further information is available at our website).

Eco16 filter calculator for air filters used in HVAC systems at the Nordbygg

This year the Nordbygg, which is northern Europe’s largest and most important event in the construction industry, recorded more than 48,000 visitors. At the trade air we presented a new sales tool, the eco16 filter calculator, for air filters used in HVAC systems.

booth Nordbygg

Nordbygg: April 10 – 13, 2018 in Stockholm (Sweden)

The eco16 filter calculator is the first system on the market which conforms to the new ISO 16890 standard. The tool refines the process of selecting the right filter. It considers the quality of the ambient air and enables us to offer customers filters which have the right balance between filter efficiency and energy consumption for a defined room air quality.

eco16 calculator

Furthermore, we presented our new catalog for the revised range of ISO 16890 compatible air filters. The standard changes the way the HVAC industry tests and classifies air filters, and MANN+HUMMEL has associated this change with a renaming of its products and a reorganization of its filter program.The standard changes the way the HVAC field tests and assesses air filters and MANN+HUMMEL has integrated this change in its range of filters through a renaming and reorganization process.

Positive result

Our trade fair presence was assessed as very positive at all three trade fairs. The three trade fairs were also successful in terms of the acquisition of new business. The design of our exhibition stands was appreciated, both by our sales team, who naturally wanted an attractive platform for their discussions with customers, and by many customers. In addition, our trade fair stands were welcomed by our sales force which naturally wished for an attractive framework for its customer meetings, and also welcomed by many customers. For myself, I am also happy that my first debut in the new area went so well and I am looking forward to the next trade fairs. Perhaps I will be able to welcome you personally.