Thanks to the great commitment and support of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology employees we are preparing a “Christmas package” for children from Bangladesh this year for the fourth time.

Preparing the package gives us a lot of joy and satisfaction! We learned about the needs of children from Bangladesh from the nun Rahamim, a Pole from our region who has been on a mission in this country for over five years now.

Employees collect for Bangladesh

Missionaries of Charity to which nun Rahamim belongs, was founded in Calcutta by Mother Teresa and aims at helping the poorest and caring for the sick. In Bangladesh Missionaries of Charity run two centers for people in need of help. They serve those who are rejected by the society and the poorest of the poor. Nun Rahamim and other nuns who accompany her also take care of the children in the orphanage run by the congregation by helping pregnant women, saving children bitten by snakes, providing emergency medical care as well as by assisting in adoption and educating the children.

The pupils are often sick, disabled children, abandoned on the street as infants. The children are lucky to have been taken care of by the nuns, as they stay in the orphanage till they become independent and can start a “new life” on their own.

Gifts for the people in need in BangladeshWhile listening to her story, the desire arose to support this noble mission by handing over gifts donated by those who care for the well-being of others, most often disadvantaged people, especially children.

We collect for them school supplies, pencils, pens, notebooks, pads, backpacks, paints, etc. Initially it was the Department of Customizing that became involved in the help, but with time the charity event became more and more popular and employees from other departments gradually joined. The action meets with great understanding and there are more and more donations every year.

In response to the gifts sent we receive heartfelt thanks from children along with wonderful photos. The smile of children and their joy are invaluable to us! During her stay in Poland this year, the nun Rahamim visited our company to personally thank us for our help. On this occasion we learned how great the need for a mission in a poor country like Bangladesh is. As it turned out, apart from the joy of gifts received, it is very important for these children that people from a distant country like Poland remember them.

The funds necessary to maintain the facility come from donations, and therefore every material or financial aid provided is essential. We are very happy that we can help and bring joy to these children!