RaspberryWho said that working in an automotive filtration company was not sweet? As member of the marketing team, one of my main goals is to help to increase MANN-FILTER sales in the UK. Whenever I go to visit a customer or to a show, I promote the importance and benefits of fitting MANN-FILTER filters. In other words, I “sell” filters. But for one day, I was able to sell what I like most…..cakes! You may be asking yourself…Have I read this right?  Yes, you have.

Selling cake for the support of flood victims

MANN+HUMMEL Wolverhampton had two excellent initiatives to raise money to support the flood victims in Tesanj Bosnia and Somerset Flood Relief by selling cakes and washing cars. Let’s start with the cakes. All employees were invited to donate cakes, which were sold at a reasonable price at teatime on 18th July. It was possible to see the success of this initiative immediately, with many people waiting for their pieces of cake but also with a wide variety of food, showing the commitment of the MANN+HUMMEL UK employees. Interestingly, it could be seen that we work in an International Environment by looking at the diversity of food, from the typical English victoria cake to the tasty Indian samosas.

As I love baking, I decided to contribute with one of my favourites recipes: Raspberry and White Chocolate Tart (If you are interested, you can check the recipe in my new blog)

Our Charity Car Wash

Cakes - Front pictureWashing cars

The second idea was as bespoke as “selling cakes”. It was called the ‘Charity Car Wash’, and basically managers volunteered to wash cars.  The fee was three pounds and for an additional pound, you could nominate a manager to wash your car. This project was so successful that some employees could not have their cars washed due to the time scale. In all fairness, this was not a surprise, considering that the week before the event many employees were carefully planning which manager to choose. A special thank you to all the managers, who made the effort to change suits and shoes for jeans and trainers for the day. Also, thank you to God because he did not rain on our parade, so the English weather did not stop the team from washing the cars!