Christmas has always been a special time of the year for me. Getting together with my family and the closest friends – enjoying this calm time with loved ones after year-round rush. I can definitely say, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year and I was surprised by my colleagues in MANN+HUMMEL Nová Ves (Czech Republic) how much they like Christmas time as well. Everybody – and also colleagues I have never seen before (in Nová Ves work almost 1400 employees) – greet you with “Merry Christmas” and huge smiles the whole December. You can find Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations all around the plant. However there is a special Christmas tree– the tree of fulfilled wishes. You can find it in front of the main entrance with 125 cards full of wishes by children from children‘s homes or shelter homes, disabled people and people in need from our region.

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What is the tree of fulfilled wishes?

The tree of fulfilled wishes is a charity campaign organized by the most popular radio station in our region to help children and people in need. You can find a lot of “trees of fulfilled wishes” in the region and MANN+HUMMEL Nová Ves is for the third time the main partner of the whole charity campaign. We do not only care about our neighborhood at Christmas time but it’s an amazing occasion to light up children’s eyes.

But how does it work? Children from children‘s homes or shelter homes, disabled people and people in need can write their wishes on a card (with their name, age and the name of the children‘s home, shelter home where they live). These cards are hanged on the Christmas tree and every employee or guest can fulfill someone’s wish. And because the wishes aren‘t anonymous you always know who‘s the person you help – usually a person with a very heartbreaking ? story. Therefore I also decided to choose one of those cards and fulfill one wish of a teenage girl living in a children‘s home in my neighborhood. And I have to say I was deeply moved by the wishes written on the cards because those wishes are things I can’t imagine a life without on a daily basis.

Christmas tree    Christmas tree

The real MANN+HUMMEL tree

This year our tree of fulfilled wishes is even more than special. Our Christmas tree is closely connected with our plant (and history of the MANN+HUMMEL in the Czech Republic) and probably every employee knows it – unfortunately the 15 years old spruce has been chopped down by security reasons. The spruce had to be removed because it threaten electric service and endangered the safety of employees. It seems tobe a sad story, but we decided to use it as our tree of fulfilled wishes. It‘s not the most beautiful Christmas tree at all, but although this tree let some wishes come true. I want to thank all my colleagues who have fulfilled someone’s wish and Merry Christmas to you!