With a completed pressure pulsation test bench and a great amount of pride, we – the “Under Pressure” project team – were able to present our project to the Board of Management in January. This was our successful project conclusion. Although the test bench appeared to be almost ready at the time of our last blog entry, we still had to complete several tasks before the final presentation.

The last steps

Once all the components were assembled, and the electrics and pneumatics were wired, we were able to fully clad the test bench. The cladding also included the exterior appearance of the test bench. We decided to include a sticker containing all the necessary information about our project, as well as a QR code placed next to our logo, which links you to the first blog post. No sooner said than done, the information sticker, our logo and the QR code were produced and adhered to the test bench cladding.

Under Pressure project

The source code was adapted at the end of September to our test bench. A colleague from Ehrler Prüftechnik-Engineering GmbH, supported us through the entire process. The adaptation was successful and not long after the test bench was commissioned. The final tasks were then distributed among the team members, these included completing the documentation for the test bench, creating the cost overview for the whole project, calibrating the measurement technology and performing a test run with a test sample.

We were at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) from September until the end of November, where we concentrated on the theoretical stage. This is why our final project presentation had to wait until January. Ms Fritz and Mr Kerres informed us that we would be able to present our project to the Board of Management, and we were thrilled with the opportunity.

Our final project meeting took place in mid-December which was when we planned the project completion. What’s more, our project leader announced the first successful runs of our test bench. Naturally we were delighted about this because the project has added value not only for us as a project team, but also to MANN+HUMMEL.

A successful project completion

We were finally finished by mid-January and were able to present our test bench in the training workshop to both the Board of Management and our training representative. Ms Fritz began by greeting all those present, and then emphasised the excellent collaboration with Mr Kerres’ department. Our project leader presented our project and stressed our efforts as a team. He also spoke about the DHBW 2018 cohort which will also be tasked with carrying out a project on their own. However, this will be a much shorter project, because the project coordination and communication regarding the theoretical stages at DHBW posed challenging for us as a project team. Thus, the project will be fully planned and implemented in one practise phase.

Introduction to the final presentation

Mr Kerres then thanked us as a team, as well as the apprentices who provided us with their dedicated support. The team headed by Stefan Maier, whose department will house and run the test bench in the future, was also delighted about the successful project completion.

Once again to remind you

Under Pressure was a student project carried out from September 2017 to September 2018 by eight students and three apprentices. The task was to turn a proof of concept, which was created for the development of new test methods, into a fully functioning test bench based on cutting-edge technology. It was made future-proof through various digitisation and modernisation measures. The test bench offers the latest electric and measuring technology which make it possible to digitally capture and view high-frequency measurement data. Until now, measurement data had to be manually read from analogue measurement tools. The operational safety was also increased through housing. A new user interface was created in LabView.

Thanks to this project, the students and apprentices were able to acquire initial project experience and gain insight into the daily working life of a project team and later tasks. Within the framework of the project, the team worked across numerous departments in an interdisciplinary manner, which gave the team members an overview of the organisation structure at MANN+HUMMEL and helped them develop their own network. The comprehensive project provided the former school leavers with plenty of technical expertise and background knowledge as well as teaching them to use the IT tools commonly used at MANN+HUMMEL. They worked with Eplan, FluidSim, LabView and CATIA. There were communication issues at the beginning due to the varied attendance of the students at the company, however these issues were resolved through regular project meetings. This project thus taught them how to recognise challenges early on and counteract them before they become problems.

As Team Under Pressure, we are deeply grateful to all those involved for the support they provided us during our first big project. We will now be able to tackle the next phase of our studies ‘under pressure’.