What would happen if you installed speakers in original oil filters and handed these out to customers as advertising materials? Think the idea sounds a bit mad? It’s certainly original, and unlike any other idea – but MANN+HUMMEL has already implemented it! Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the MANN-FILTER design of oil filter speaker.

The idea for this unique kind of advertising originally came from a marketing partner of one of our major clients. Our OES colleagues at MANN+HUMMEL then addressed whether this was feasible technically, and they in turn approached us here at MANN-FILTER brand communications. We thought the idea was brilliant and were hooked straight away, so began work with our marketing partner to implement it. The filter housing for the speaker was made at our production site in Marklkofen, based on the exact specifications of the original part. The packaging is identical too aside from minor changes to the inscription.

The three-watt speaker has exactly the same filter housing as the MANN-FILTER W 712/52 oil filter. Extra parts and tools were, however, developed especially for the manufacture of the oil filter speaker. These include the membrane, the protective cover that simultaneously covers the metal edge of the sheet metal housing, a large internal injection part that accommodates the individual electronic components and other injection parts, an amplifier, a lithium-ion battery that plays music for up to twelve hours, as well as a switch with an LED display for power and charging.

I’m really excited about the oil filter speaker and really pleased that it is part of our range of advertising materials. It has a great sound and a good price-performance ratio. It is easy to connect to portable media players such as smartphones, iPods and iPads. If you have two speakers, stereo sound is also an option. Unlike conventional advertising materials, such as pens and note pads, the oil filter speaker was created from an original MANN-FILTER part, and is innovative and distinctive. This view was clearly shared by marketing experts at Austria’s largest B2B marketing trade fair, the m[d] trade fair for haptic advertising in Wels, as at the start of September, they voted the oil filter speaker into second place at the marke[ding] awards.

The oil filter speaker advertising material is available worldwide to MANN-FILTER customers and to the employees and friends of MANN+HUMMEL.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their brilliant support and collaboration with this project. It would not have been possible without them!