Cities are becoming overcrowded and the global urban population is expected to continue growing. Many people commute daily to the cities because many jobs are available on these areas as well as the best universities can be found there. Equally cities are the perfect platform to interact with each other and get to know humans from around the globe. Mobility in urban areas is one of the biggest challenges that cities are facing. The big question is how citizens can commute from X to Z in the fastest, cost effective and environmental friendly way. People spend a lot of time during peak congestion hours sitting on traffic and time is one of our most valuable treasure that we have.

eroller squareAll of us have 16 hours a day (assuming that we sleep 8 of them) and I am sure it is not among your preferences to sit on the car more than two hours a day to accomplish 40 km.  It is also not among my preferences. That is why I would like to share with you some experiences from the pilot project that I have conducted during the last 12 months.

I live in the city center of Stuttgart, one of the cities with more air pollution and traffic congestion in Germany, and driving a car is not always the fastest transportation to reach the office.  That is why I started to search for alternative solutions. I used the train but I still had the problem of reaching the station (the first and last mile). Then I tried to combine public transportation with a traditional bike.

The combination of both was improving my journey but it was still not the perfect solution. Bringing the bikes to the platform in the train stations with stairs up and down was not always convenience and the alternative was to have two bikes and park them in different places from the first and last mile. Definitively it was not an ideal. I continued searching until I found an E-roller, which has totally changed my perception about cities in the future.

Driving an E-roller reduces the time of the journey and it is environmental friendly. Furthermore the operational costs are low and it can be charged in a few of hours at home or in the office. It also allows you to reach the office without needing a shower, even if you have come across some hills on the way as in my case. It is important to highlight that e-rollers are light vehicles and it is easy to carry them in the train (less than 10 kg) as you can see in the picture below.

an electric scooter under the seatDriving an E-roller is also an experience, you are not riding a Harley-Davidson in Death Valley but it gives you a certain feeling of freedom. Being said that there are many things to improve such as development a mechanism to lock them safely on the streets, stability under raining conditions and of course, the lighter the better. Who knows, maybe there is even a place for filtration.

Judit Fustero and her erollerDuring the pilot I was approached on average four times a week by a random citizen showing interest for the e-roller, which shows a real need on the market for alternative mobility in the cities. I am convinced that the urban landscape in the city is going to change sooner than we think.  However cities are not yet ready to accommodate this (r)-evolution.

The need of new mobility is already there. Now it is a race between technology, cities and social behavior. When the three of them reach the finish line, we will be living on the cities of the future. E-scooters, E-bikes, E-rollers, autonomous vehicles, sharing mobility or air transport systems are only some examples of this transformation.

If you would like to get more insights or if you would like to share your experiences, feel free to contact me directly or show in this post your interest. Unfortunately I was not able to get many user feedback on the product before I decided to buy it and I would like to avoid that this happens to you.