Autumn is the season of the harvest. On October 2015, a typical working Thursday but for MANN+HUMMEL China an extraordinary day, we enjoyed our opening ceremony in Chongqing for the sixth plant in China.

The weather finally cleared up on a day after several continuous rainy days. The brand new plant had brilliantly-colored flags waving in the air and an energetic staff on the ground. Distinguished guests were welcomed, including management representatives from MANN+HUMMEL Group, management and colleagues from MANN+HUMMEL China, customer representatives from Chang’an, representatives from the government and the industrial park, and a dozen or so media friends from Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing.

Following the so-called “lion dance”, the guests all entered the inauguration hall and enjoyed the exciting drumming performance and mountain-city-themed “ink dance”, which marked the beginning of the ceremony. After the performances, Mr. Manfred Wolf, President of MANN+HUMMEL Group, delivered a wonderful opening speech. Following that, Mr. Josef Parzhuber and Mr. Tian (NPC deputy director of Jiangbei District) together tied red ribbons to the beautiful lions, indicating a booming and flourishing future for the Chongqing Plant. At the end, 11 guest representatives came up to the stage and cut the red ribbons. Together with all guests and staff, they witnessed a new milestone set in the history of MANN+HUMMEL China.



Starting with site selection, then plant construction, line moving to formal production, dozens of Chongqing staff together devoted themselves to making the new journey of MANN+HUMMEL into southwest China a success (where a number of top automotive manufacturers have clustered). Since the third quarter of this year (2015), when the plant was put into operation, we have perfected our quality control and delivery coordination processes to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products to Chang’an customers. With the continuous efforts of all staff, we believe we can share innovative technologies and superior-quality products with even more customers.