The Bavarian saying ‘mid guadn Beispui voro’ (‘setting a good example’) is not just an empty phrase here at MANN+HUMMEL’s Marklkofen location in Lower Bavaria. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming pioneers of a family-friendly world of work. In practice this means that our employees in Marklkofen can choose between 110 different working hours models. I made use of this myself in the time following my parental leave. The employees benefit from this system as their individual needs are taken into account, whilst MANN+HUMMEL gains greater flexibility. What more could you wish for?

Work Life Balance - Parental leave

Being a family-friendly company means not only to encourage part-time work

The everyday working life of several hundred men and women at the Marklkofen location revolves around the stage of life they are in. Part-time work comes in all forms imaginable – employees can just work on Saturdays, work the early shift every other week, only work the late shift on Fridays, and the list goes on. Almost one in four employees make the most of the opportunity to adapt their week to suit their own needs and fit in with events in their lives. However, for MANN+HUMMEL, being a family-friendly company means much more than just part-time working models: we actively encourage fathers to take parental leave and we go beyond the legal provisions when it comes to supporting employees caring for family members. We organise family days and in our brochure ‘Mittelpunkt Mensch’ (‘Focus on People’) we provide information about the additional benefits that are on offer to all of the employees at the Marklkofen location as well as the company’s further training programme.

Parental leave: more flexibility to spend time with my family

I have already had the chance to benefit from the active encouragement for parental leave as after our third child was Born. I had ‘Paternity leave’ marked in bold letters for two whole months on my calendar. This meant I could be at home with my family for the first few weeks after the birth, concentrate fully on taking care of my son and enjoy spending some valuable time with my family. I look back fondly on my paternity leave as a time in my life that I’m really glad I didn’t miss out on. Then, once I returned from parental leave, I was able to slightly reduce my weekly working time.

Work Life Balance - Parental leaveI think it is fantastic that MANN+HUMMEL responds in this way to its employees’ needs and allows us fathers more flexibility to spend time with our families. I automatically return the favour though as I am happier and more motivated at work. It is even easier to strike a balance between family life and work thanks to the flexitime rules, which allow me, from time to time, to be home by 15:00 to spend some time with my children. Every Monday, my family and I go Swimming at the Caprima leisure pool in Dingolfing – one of our favourite activities. This is the best part of the week for my two water lovers, Hannah and Noah, and for me it is the chance to spend some quality family time with my children.  I am a family man so for me there is nothing better than working for a company that not only values family, but is also like a big family in itself.