After more than 3 years spent at Changchun MANN+HUMMEL China with an unbelievable experience of being the only French expat in 8 million habitant Chinese city I moved to Thailand in August 2015. Thailand is known for his touristic attractiveness and as kingdom of smile but it is worth to look behind the cliché. First impression of my working experience was how it was easy to communicate with most of employees beside I did start to have basic Thai language lesson to be able to manage myself in case of basic requirements. In comparison with Chinese, Thai language looks even more difficult with 5 tons instead of 4 for mandarin but in the opposite of Chinese, Thai are used to hear flat pronunciation from foreigners (farang) and can adapt their understanding.

experience abroad

MANN+HUMMEL Thailand employees continuously impress myself with good education level, ability to work for long period beside non air-condition in Shopfloor where temperature could raise more than 35 degrees. Mindset of quality work was already well implemented at each level and we can deliver our parts to our 2 main customers Ford and Nissan with no quality claim and excellent service performance. It is the foundation for growth and customer satisfaction. Our main production at MANN+HUMMEL Thailand is air intake systems for Pick up Nissan Navarra and Ford Ranger and Everest. Thailand is the country of pickups with 60% of local production and thus of you who have been in Thailand will know famous Pickup tuktuk you will find in a lot of cities over there. Pickups are also used for multi and unexpected usages by most of Thai but less in big city like Bangkok.

What I really love in Thailand is Thai people with their good mood “Sa bai Sa bai “, generosity and tolerance. You will not see Thai horning during long traffic jam and nothing seems to have effect on their cool attitude at least not externally by keeping wide smile on their face. Generosity could be simply explained with none of staff people at MANN+HUMMEL Thailand will buy snack without sharing it with the rest of office people. What a lesson learned for Occidental culture more focus on personal interest.

experience abroad

Tolerance is maybe the most important heritage I will bring from my experience in Thailand. In a world where tolerance is coming rare, Thais are a tremendous exception maybe driven by Buddhist culture. When you are hurt by bad manner of tourist people coming from the world and I have been witness of many of them you will never see any Thai people with bad reaction to them. They always keep their smile faces beside internal frustration. The only limit is king offending.

Attachment to the king is also a main characteristic of Thai people and during mourning period of previous King in the last quarter 2016 we did organize coach service for our employees to pray 1min along king tomb. For this 1min they have to wake up at 2 AM and came back home at 9 pm. Except 2 hours ride to go to Bangkok the remaining time is only to queue to be allow to stay 1 min in front of King tomb.