Originating from France where I completed my industrial engineering studies and master degree in Cross-Cultural negotiations, I first heard of MANN+HUMMEL when I was working in China as a project manager and industrial design consultant. With the economic situation in Europe being delicate for most countries, I was a bit skeptical about going back to an European country for work, but after taking a close look at MANN+HUMMEL´s website and having a few discussions with employees, my doubts vanished just as fast as they came.

Working closely with Asia

I was integrated to the Sales and Project Management department, dealing with Asian customers. It was the best situation for me as I am living in Europe where my roots are, and working closely with Asia where I have already spent 4 years of my life and where a bit of my heart has remained.

Among the countries I lived in Asia are Japan, where I studied for a few months at an industrial college and worked in the workshop of the school, and China, where I first worked as an industrial design consultant, and then as a project manager. This way I could combine two different sets of skills: technical ones such as CAD, material knowledge, feasibility studies, functional reviews etc. and the business skills like negotiations for both Asian and Western customers, audits, etc.

So when I was looking for a company where I could do my internship, it was important for me to find a job that would allow me to keep using these two particular sets of skills. Therefore, the Sales and Project Management department at MANN+HUMMEL seemed to fit perfectly.

Cross-cultural communication

I was impressed by the open-mindedness of all my teammates, the work environment we could evolve in, and how fast I was accepted by the team and put to work. The projects were complex, interesting and challenging, and I felt that I was given all the keys to do a good job. The very first day I joined the company, I attended an international steering committee where I overviewed local and international projects, and also witnessed the cross-cultural communication process. Moreover, the opportunities for career development proved to be numerous in the company, which was very exciting and motivating.

The picture below shows me and part of the international team I was working with. From left to right: Eduardo Del Corral from Mexico, myself, Ellen Auweiler from Germany, JeoungHa Kim from South Korea, Michael Illig from Germany and my boss Franck Bento from France.

cross-cultural communication

Besides work, the region around the city was beautiful, I have made a lot of friends, and I also had the chance to get back in touch with long-time friends who also decided to come to Germany to work and enjoy the German life. Some of them I met in Japan nine years ago! Talk about luck! Plus if a get a bit home-sick, France is only one hour away by car, or less if you drive at 200km/h on the German “Autobahn”, so I could cure my homesickness quite easily.

After completing my internship, it felt like the right time to go back home to France, where I continued my work for MANN+HUMMEL as a full time project manager.

I definitely recommend MANN+HUMMEL, regardless of the part of the world you come from.