MANN and HUMMEL Filters (South Africa) Pty Ltd (MHZA) opened its office in November 2016. We currently have twelve employees and service thirteen countries in the SADC region. This might change in future as we plan to increase our market share in the region.

Christmas time is a time for the family

Christmas time in South Africa is a very special time for the family. Workers generally look forward to the festive season, particularly those who don’t live with their families during the year. At this time we all come together to share the celebrations in a spirit of love and peace.

Santa Clause in South Africa

South Africans celebrate Christmas in a way which is similar to other Christian countries in the world. The streets, shops, malls and our homes are beautifully decorated in a traditional way. Just as in other communities we sing carols on Christmas eve, have Christmas trees, exchange gifts and carry on the myth that Father Christmas (Santa Claus) comes down the chimney to give the kids their presents!

As well as Christmas Day, Boxing Day is also a public holiday and all of the shops and businesses are closed for the two holiday days, with some people also going away into the countryside for a couple of days.

MANN+HUMMEL South Africa

On Christmas Day in the morning together with the family we visit our local church for a short service. Going to church is an important part of the day’s program. After our visit to the church we go home, the festivities begin and we prepare a wonderful feast. There is lots of food to go round. As we live in the southern hemisphere we are lucky to have our Christmas celebrations in the summer time. It’s warm outside with the sun shining and so we celebrate outdoors. Friends and family gather for a picnic or they organize a special kind of South African barbecue which is called a “braai”.

South African Braai

In fact the word braai originates from the Dutch word “braden” which means roast. In the past, wood was mostly used to fuel the braai, but today sometimes we use charcoal or even gas. The atmosphere around the braai is very relaxed and we all have a good chance to chat and enjoy the feast which lasts all day. The feast and celebrations continue throughout Boxing Day.

Various African countries tend to celebrate the Christmas holidays differently depending on the dominant religion and customs. The urban population is inclined to adopt a more western feel to the celebrations due to the effects of colonization. In rural areas, however, indigenous cultures and customs tend to prevail, with the slaughtering of livestock and traditional or ancestral rituals being a key feature of the celebrations.