Since September 2013, MANN+HUMMEL has had an increasingly popular company Zumba group. Zumba is a blend of aerobics and various styles of dance (primarily Latin American dances such as salsa, although it also incorporates elements of other styles such as hip hop).

zumba at MANN+HUMMEL

Employees ‘shake it’ for one hour every Wednesday beginning at 17:15.

Dance your stress away

If you like to listen to music and get yourself moving, then this is the group for you. Dance away all your stress after a hectic day at work! An hour of Zumba will leave you in a great mood and completely relaxed. As a special treat, there are two Zumba sessions and two sessions of abdominal and back exercises. This will help you to take care of your back, an area of the body often placed under great strain at work.

The message for beginners is that perseverance will pay off. At the start, it is completely normal if you can’t follow all of the choreography. Just remember: practice makes perfect. If you attend regularly, you’ll be an expert after just two or three sessions. Your muscles will certainly be aching at the start, but one or two days later, you will at least know that you have challenged your body, something which you can be proud of.

The group is run by trainer Timo Bauer. He’s an old hand at this sort of thing and has many years of experience in Zumba training – he was one of the first Zumba trainers in the Ludwigsburg region and was offering courses even before they became popular in gyms.

Even our FILTER values can be modified to apply to Zumba:

F – Fitness: something the session definitely achieves
I – Intensity: decide for yourself and choose your level
L – Laughter: you’ll get your fair share of this
T – Training: a key element of Zumba dancing
E – Energy: you’ll be bursting with it at the end of the class
R – Regeneration: beginners should allow themselves a day to recover

So come along, it’ll be well worth it! You can do it!